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Growing The Global Real Estate Economy One Sovereign Nation At A Time


Precise location intelligence allowing for accurate mapping of geospatial assets


Issuance of property specific tokens & Tokens trading


Marketplace to place sell and buy orders with live order book for each property


Cross government system integration

The Current Real Estate Landscape

Many countries and business institutions lack next-generation digital real estate infrastructure and industry.

Lack of government /corporate visibility & transparency of property ownership & transactions.

Government/corp. issues collecting revenue from real estate transactions & services.

Missed opportunities for creating jobs in all aspects of the real estate industry.

Three Pronged Approach in Servicing Sovereign Nations


Caribbean Community

Starting with Haiti solving the land governance challenges throughout the region and putting in place an electronic management system to replace paper.


MENA Market Tokenization

Starting with Emaar & Damac LandLogic will help establish a current land registry and introduce new services and capabilities to the region.


Developing Country Funds

An ecosystem that can be deployed by the UN to developing countries to help bring them to current stage

LandLogics is a real estate technology platform utilizing federated data, blockchain, IoT, GeoSpatial, AI, and predictive analytics to develop and leapfrog the real estate infrastructure and economies for sovereign nations.

Our Solution

Full-spectrum Blockchain Real Estate Infrastructure Platform

The platform facilitates the property registry on blockchain and tokenization by providing an infrastructure to facilitate the property listing and management, KYC, AML, token issuance and a marketplace where the investors can buy and trade the tokens.

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